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Agriculture 65
Archaeology 23
Astronomy 23
Atomic Energy 8
Aviation & Aeronautics 10
Biotechnology 88
Chemistry 27
Computational Biology 500
Computer Science 10
Earth Science 25
Ecology & Environment 16
Electronics 9
Energy 11
Engineering Sciences 9
Food Science 7
Forestry 18
Geography 11
Health Care 74
Instrumentation 1
Intellectual Property 71
Life Sciences 109
Materials 42
Mathematics 2
Meteorology 14
Oceanography 15
Paleontology 19
Physics 15
Standard, Meas. & Units 6
Toxicology 58
Advanced Search allows you to combine multiple search terms by setting specific parameters for your results. Typically, search results are smaller, focused and more relevant than results from a basic search.
The advanced search option gives you a lot more options and filters to help you find the data you want. You can search for all required data using a variety of criteria and the AND / OR operator.
The AND operator matches records where both terms exist anywhere in the record. The OR operator links two terms and finds a matching record if either of the terms exist in a record. Enclose your phrase in double quotes.